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Token Mechanics Design, Anatomy of Smart Contracts and Solhint: An Advanced Linter for Ethereum’s Solidity.

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We are glad to invite you to Ethereum meetup which will be held on November 8, at 7pm.


1. Renat Khasanshyn
Renat is a co-founder of Etherisc, Venture Partner at Runa Capital and co-founder of Altoros. Most recently, Renat led the inception of insurance practice at Altoros together with its key customers Allianz, Allstate and Liberty Mutual, focusing on canonical use cases of blockchain, fronting, reinsurance and insurance securitization (catastrophe bonds). Etherisc is an insurtech startup with a mission to “reinvent insurance” by building a platform and an open protocol for decentralized insurance applications. The goal is to enable data scientists, actuaries, and entrepreneurs to design, build and bring to market insurance and risk transfer products that are transparent, open source, and provably fair. The company’s first application—Flight Delay—automates the process of getting an insurance payout in case a flight is canceled or delayed. Getting insured is very simple. Visit To learn more visit and join our community

Topic: Why does Your Network Need a Token? Or Why Your Network Needs a Token

What will Renat speak about?

— Token functions, types of tokens
— Thin vs fat token protocol
— Utility tokens: comparison of functions
— Monetary policy for token
— How to use airdrop to incentivise network usage

2. Kostya Andryanau
Kostya is Blockchain Developer at Altoros with varied professional interests, ranging from UI development, to smart contract engineering and token protocols design. As an Ethereum enthusiast, he is one of the key developers at Etherisc team, responsible for building the core of the insurance platform. Kostya has a deep knowledge of Solidity programming language, design principles of smart contracts, security of dapps. He’s always ready to share his expertise with other people.

Topic: Anatomy of Smart Contracts

What will Kostya speak about?

— Building your protocol from scratch
— Smart contracts: design principles
— Security review of smart contracts
— Deployment of smart contracts

3. Ilya Drabenia
Ilya Drabenia is Lead Java Developer at Altoros, an expert in single-page front-end and enterprise application development. Ilya specializes in high load and low latency back-ends and domain specific languages, including visual ones. Recently Ilya has started focusing on the development tools for the blockchain engineers. One of them is Solhint, an advanced linter for Solidity code that allows detecting syntax-related security code vulnerabilities. Ilya is an active member of Linux and Java communities, as well as a contributor to a number of blockchain projects.

Topic: Solhint: An Advanced Linter for Ethereum’s Solidity

What will Ilya speak about?

— Development on Solidity: best practices, security issues
— Solidity code validation, existing linting solutions
— Creating a linter: grammar, design, algorithms
— Creating a linter: IDE integration

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